Rockhouse Cinema Studio & Phillips Audio Professional Video for the Social Media World

Location Sound Recording

Rockhouse Cinema Studio / Phillips Audio can provide a portable, battery powered recording system with a field recorder, mixer, boom (Sennheiser MKH-70) and lavalier microphones for remote work.

The next sized portable system can be configured up to 24 inputs. It has a Pro Tools 10 HD-2 recording environment with a Soundcraft GB-2R16 console and Presonus 8X mic preamp.


We can also send out a remote truck with a recording system for projects up to 64 tracks.
This set up can send both house and stage monitor mixes plus a 48 channel AES/EBU split using a Yamaha NA148es for broadcast or recording.
The snake is a 48 input and 24 return Yamaha SB-168 digital stage box that uses Cat 5 cable for trunk connections.
The microphones used are top of the line studio models .

This package features a Pro Tools 10 HD-3 recording environment coupled with either a Yamaha M7 CL 48es


or PM-5D 56es ver. 2 HA console.