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These tracks were remixed and re mastered from a live performance board mix cassette that Paul Reynolds brought to me. It was really enjoyable listening to the stellar performances from these four dear friends. Steve Stickler is on Drums and vocals, Steve Hardin B-3, Clavinet, Harmonica and vocals, Joe Larson Lead Guitar and John Reed Bass Guitar and Vocals. Out of the group John Reed is the only one still with us. Kenny Phillips

OKIE JOE Live 1.
01 Track 01
OKIE JOE Live 2.
02 Track 02
OKIE JOE Live 3.
03 Track 03
OKIE JOE Live 4.
04 Track 04
OKIE JOE Live 5.
05 Track 05
OKIE JOE Live 6.
06 Track 06
OKIE JOE Live 7.
07 Track 07
OKIE JOE Live 8.
08 Track 08
OKIE JOE Live 9.
09 Track 09