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Little Dixie Poster

Album Project 1980-81
Donnie Snead - Lead Vocals and Drums
Chris Carter - Lead Guitar
Jimmy Dodson - Lead Guitar and Vocals
Les Cargill - Bass Guitar
Kenny Phillips - B3 and Piano, Engineer
Bill Shelton - Session Drums all tracks
(He punched them in “old tape style” after
all the other tracks were finished: Amazing!)

1. Roll Yer Own 1. Roll Yer Own

2. Two Sides Of A Coin 2. Two Sides Of A Coin

3. Baby Hold On 3. Baby Hold On

4. Tell Her I Love Her 4. Tell Her I Love Her

5. Changes 5. Changes

6. Movin On 6. Movin’ On

7. Rock N Roll Man 7. Rock N Roll Man

Recorded at Sooner Sound Lab previously
known as Producers Workshop OKC OK.
All songs are original from Little Dixie.
engineered & mixed by Kenny Phillips