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Music Projects

SULLEY & SISSON - Glory Road

Glenn Sulley and Davis Sisson have just completed the master for their new CD project Glory Road in the Rockhouse Cinema studio.

Dave Sisson plays keyboards and programs amazing instrument tracks. Glenn sings with the best of them and plays acoustic guitar. Glenn and Dave wrote most of the songs and all of the arrangements. They brought in the best of the OKC session players for tracks including Chris Hicks, Steve Short, Ed Garcia, Michael Summers and more. The CD is available now. [LINK: Sulley and Sisson]

MOUNTAIN SMOKE - Bluegrass Hop

Mountain Smoke has just completed their newest project Bluegrass Hop in the Rockhouse Cinema studio.

The group was a joy to work with and thanks go out to all the members from Kenny P for thier perserverance. Click here for photos from around the studio during the tracking and mixing sessions. [LINK: Mountain Smoke]