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Musical Instruments


Hammond B-3 Organ with Leslie Speakers. This is a exceptional B-3 with pedals and bench, Hammond SK-2 Organ

1969 Fender Rhodes 73 Suitcase Piano & a 1963 Hohner Pianet N

Digital Keyboards - Yamaha S-90, Motif, Motif E-S, Korg Triton, Nord Electrol 2.

Drums - 1985 Yamaha Pro Recording Series, and a 1963 Ludwig (in pristine condition)

Electric Guitars- Gibson - SG, / Bass Guitars-, 5 String Fender Jazz, Yamaha,

Percussion Instruments- Congas, Bongos, Timbales and assorted percussion toys

Guitar Amps - Vox, AC-15 50 year anniversary issue, Fender Concert, Marshal etc.